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Dear family,

It’s no coincidence that you’re here. Something called you, compelled you, interested you… and you listened.

You’ve already come so far!

I too listened closely, and it's been almost eight years now since I answered my call to Peru, a trip that changed the course of my life in a way I could have never imagined. 

I believe that when you get - you give and when you learn - you teach. I will always work with integrity, humility, compassion and unconditional love as a Kambo practitioner and as a physical and energetic being. It is my intention to provide a safe, peaceful and loving space for people to go through their own process and to support them in, through and out of the experience. As a visitor on this beautiful planet, I only wish to leave the world a little kinder, a little better, a little more peaceful and a little more aware. To remind my fellow brothers & sisters that they are supported without judgement and loved without limits. To care for and protect the natural world and all its inhabitants. To explore, learn, evolve, and expand. I am absolutely indebted to our sacred medicines and practices and it’s an incredible honor to share and serve.

I hope that you will allow yourself to evolve. To see what's on the other side of fear. To chose love. To take it off. Let it go. You are under no obligation to live in any way that does not resonate with your soul.

I look so very forward to knowing you!

All love,




Whatever is happening externally can, has, or will manifest internally.

Whatever is happening internally can, has or will manifest externally.

This is just a simple truth. We feel instinct and intuition in our gut, when our hearts “break” it is incredibly visceral, the flutters in our stomachs, lumps in our throats, tightness in our chests. Our bodies respond to information with chills and goosebumps. They send us warning signs such as rashes, hives when we’re stressed. When we don’t listen, the body becomes weak and we get sick. The body is ALWAYS paying attention – even, and especially, when we’re not.

Stress, trauma, emotional blocks, chronic pain.. any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual energy can form an infinite number of capsules that go into hiding deep within the body where they will remain, indefinitely. 

So, if you’re wondering where those injuries of existence capsules are hiding.. you’ve come to the right place! Because, in my experience, nothing tracks them down and pulls them out faster or more effectively than Kambo!


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