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Born in New York, Amie grew up between the Hudson Valley and New York City. Her career was in the corporate worlds of fashion and finance. From Vogue, to multi-billion dollar hedgefunds, from financial giants to Fashion Week. Life was far from boring...

...but it was also far from fulfilling. In 2013, whilst living in LA, Amie found herself desperately seeking a world far beyond the daily life; beyond the parties, the money, the substances and the superficial world at large. The success didn't feel successful and the societal structure felt suffocating. Ever the seeker, she knew it was time for so much more. It was there that yoga found her and it was then that everything changed. 

Yoga opened the door to everything, and Amie embraced every opportunity to explore, grow and expand. She began to only seek out experiences that birthed change and transformation. It was in her desire to know herself that all other desires and addictions naturally began to fall away. From dynamic mediations, to sweat lodges, from intense physical trainings to silent retreats. She was on a mission to not only acknowledge her fears, but to face them head on. 

In 2016, Amie was called to Peru to meet Mother Ayahuasca. This was also when she was introduced to a very, very special frog...



In 2019, Amie left her world behind to fulfill her lifetime (perhaps lifetimes) dream and dharma of traveling the world. No plan, no itinerary, no deadlines, no rules. Just trust in the universe and her spiritual compass. She left her job, moved out of her apartment, left her city, friends and family. She sold and donated about 95% of everything she owned, bought a new suitcase and took off.

Amie had given herself a minimum of a year and a half to travel, but 8 months into the journey... came Covid. 

Amie, having let go of her apartment in NYC, stayed upstate with family after returning. Amie spent more and more time in nature, with the plants and with the plant medicines, more time seeking, releasing, understanding and accepting. The universe can be quite sneaky. Pain is a teacher, blessings are disguised, nothing is ever random. The more she remembered, the more it all aligned. The picture became clear.  

She was exactly where she needed to be.


Amie is a certified Kambo Practitioner & Rapé Practitioner with IAKP. She is also a certified Psychospiritual Integration Coach (specializing in Plant Medicines) with Being True To You and leads integration groups for those working with Ayahuasca.

Amie focuses on sharing and serving the medicines with others, and then helping them integrate their experiences into their lives.

She holds an RYT500 designation with Yoga Alliance and has been certified by Yoga to the People in the Hot Yoga series, by her Guru, Jayaprada Radhika, in Ashtanga Vinyasa (RYT200) and by Yoga Vida, in Vinyasa Yoga (RYT300).

amie kambo practitioner
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