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  • After a client contacts the practitioner, they will receive an email confirming that their inquiry has been received, and a separate email containing the Kambo Assessment form 

  • The form must be completed and submitted by the client

  • The practitioner will then coordinate scheduling a consultation call directly with the client 


  • You will have a consultation with your practitioner to discuss your assessment form and to further explore any existing health issues (physical & mental), addictions, fears, current medications, etc.

  • This helps to identify goals/priorities and the best course of treatment (number of gates, placement on the body, traditional/special treatment)

  • The consultation confirms that Kambo can be safely administered

  • It also allows the client and the practitioner to connect prior to ceremony

  • Finally, your consultation is where you will confirm a date, time and location for your ceremony


  • You will receive an email confirming the date, time and location for ceremony.

  • This email will include a detailed preparation document for the client to review and reference prior to ceremony


There should be no intake of food or drink at least 8 hours before your session. A 12-hour fast is ideal.


Alcohol, coffee, as well as recreational substances, need to be avoided for 24 hours before ceremony.


It’s important to also avoid consuming liquids 2 hours prior to the Kambo ceremony (including and especially water). 

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The ceremony space is very important - set and setting are key to a successful treatment.

If your practitioner it coming to your location, please ensure that the following are prepared beforehand:​

  • A clean, quiet, safe, private space for the ceremony - a zone free of interruption, noise and clutter

  • Note the proximity to a bathroom - the closer the better, just in case!

  • Your practitioner will bring the entire set up but if you'd like to use or add your own cushions, pillows, blankets etc. please have them prepared 

  • If applicable, please plan to have children out of the home

  • The same applies for animals - we love them dearly, but for their own safety they are not allowed in the ceremony space (cats are welcome to stay in another room with the door closed while it's best for dogs to be out of the home)

Day of Checklist (regardless of where ceremony will be held):

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes - think layers that are easy to remove and add on

    • Be mindful of where the gates will be opened and dress accordingly 

  • If applicable, bring a hair tie to keep your hair back 

  • If you wear contacts, please bring a contact case & your glasses

  • Feel free to bring any personal items you would like to add to the altar

  • An extra change of clothes

  • Your intentions for ceremony

  • Ensure that you have left your evening open and free of plans or work (if possible)


  • No liver flushes, colonics, enemas or any water-based detox on either side, three days prior to the treatment

  • If you’re diabetic, you must bring testing strips, insulin, and pack extra food with you

  • No solid food is to be consumed 8 hours before the treatment

  • Stop drinking liquids 2 hours before the ceremony

  • Menstruation may increase 24-36 hours after a Kambo treatment

  • If you’re asthmatic, please be sure to bring your inhaler

*A full listing of contraindications and cautions will be made available as part of my intake protocol and client medical history consultation.*



In the (unlikely) event that there is a severe adverse reaction to Kambo, the medicine will be removed immediately. I always use a test point to ensure safety. 


I am trained and certified in CPR, First Aid and Basic Life Support by the American Red Cross. 


"Frog Face"

Several of the peptides found in the secretion are potent vasodilators which can widen blood vessels and increase the circulation of blood flow. With these peptides at play, it is not uncommon for the face to swell due to the upward rush of energy when we purge. Sometimes, the way the face swells can resemble that of a frog, hence 'frog face.' This is a completely normal part of the process and there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed! The swelling will go down and fade away, typically, within 24 hours.

Many regard this unique side effect as symbolic, ironic, and full of love.

Myself included!

kambo frog face
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