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The IAKP encourages the safe, responsible, ethical, and sustainable use of Kambo and aims to give back to the forest and indigenous peoples of the Amazon that so generously share their knowledge with us.


The IAKP is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to support and encourage the safe, responsible and professional use of Kambô through training, awareness raising, knowledge development and sharing, personal skills development, research and best practice. 

The IAKP are committed to ensuring the sustainability of the tribes who own the knowledge of this great ‘Amazonian medicine’. We feel immense gratitude to those who share it with us so generously. Along with other key participants, we are currently working to provide better educational resources and health care to the remote communities of the Matsés tribe of Peru and several small rainforest projects in the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon. 

We were founded in early 2014 with the goal of bringing Kambô into the modern world in a safe, responsible, ethical and sustainable way. We are now a Not-For-Profit Foundation based in the Netherlands. This means that 70% of our profits go to the causes that we support. Our practitioners are encouraged to donate a portion of any Kambô derived income back to foundations that support the Matsés tribes of Peru.

One of our biggest achievements is the creation of 3-4 year program to train Kambô Practitioners to the highest possible level. Our program is unique and takes practitioners from Basic level to Master level and we are proud to have trained over 400 practitioners around the world. For some, we also offer the opportunity to join our 24 month Teacher Training program. Our practitioner training courses are spread across the world and have been taught in English, Spanish and Polish. We are aiming to have our first courses taught in German, French and Russian coming in 2022-2023.

We are fortunate to have the shared knowledge of such a large group of Practitioners working around the world. This knowledge is feed back to our practitioners and informs our training programme. Meaning our practitioners are able to quickly learn from and adjust their practice to address any potential areas of concern, or benefit for their clients.

All members of the IAKP work within our Code of Practice.


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