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Hapé (Portuguese) or Rapé (Spanish) 

Hapé (“ha-pay”) is a sacred, shamanic snuff that has been used by Amazonian tribes for thousands of years. Combinations of leaves, seeds, bark, oils, herbs, spices, flowers and oils from medicinal plants, trees and roots are ground into a fine powder through a very labor intensive process that can take many days. It is administered, through the nose, using a v-shaped self applicator pipe called a kuripe, or by using a long pipe called a tepi when another is administering. It is an act of healing, an act of giving and an act of receiving. 

Hapé connects you to your heart. It clears the fog of the mind, quiets the chatter, and stills the thoughts (making it a TREMENDOUS help for meditation!) It makes way for an open pathway to truth. It offers a deep connection to the spirits, animals & Mother Earth. Hapé can help release emotional, mental, physical & spiritual blocks. It is extremely grounding and profoundly healing.

There is an extensive list of medicinal benefits associated with hapé. Some examples include purification of the respiratory track, clearing sinuses, assisting with digestion, relieving headaches. and lowering blood pressure.

Contraindications are for those with severe allergies or have had a recent nasal surgery.

Sacred Snuff
Flower Power


A Kuripe is a small, v-shaped pipe used to self-administer hapé. The short end is for the mouth. the long end for the nostrils.

A Tepi - used in ceremony - is a longer applicator used to serve hapé to others. The server will use one end of the pipe to blow the snuff into the receiver's nostrils at the other end. 



When used prior to ceremony, hapé will assist in deeply grounding oneself in the present, and also help settle into what may have brought one to the healing space. Various blends may be used during this time. 

When used in ceremony, it will assist in the purging process. Nunu is the only blend served during this time.


traditionally sourced hapés & one of a kind kuripes will soon be available for purchase! 

brand shop will be live in the upcoming weeks.

email if you simply can't wait! 

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